Whatever your warm air heating requirements, we have the solution!

Churchill Cooling Services supply and install a wide range of home and office heating solutions for Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Retail customers throughout Central and Greater London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Hertfordshire.

Our heating systems include:

Under floor heating

Save on heating bills and add value to your property. Underfloor heating is ideal for domestic and commercial properties and suitable for any ceiling height. The whole floor area of the building gently warms the air above taking away any cold spots

Floor standing

For commercial, industrial, office and domestic environments


The super slim unit is stylish, unobtrusive & fits neatly on a wall

Under ceiling cassette

The under ceiling cassette is the solution for shops, restaurants or offices without false ceilings.


Units are easily installed through a window or wall to produce cooling or heating

Wall mounted

Conditioned air is distributed throughout the room via discreet diffuser grilles. Regular servicing is recommended, ask a member of our team for more information


Ceiling cassettes are stylish & compact. Leaves maximum floor & wall space for furniture, decoration & fittings. Mainly for new builds, speak to our team for more information


Annual servicing is vitally important with warm air heating as the air is blown around the system by a large fan. As a result, there is often a considerable buildup of dust throughout the unit. Regular servicing ensures that all the pressures are correct which improves the overall performance and productivity of the unit.


If you call most heating companies they will advise that you need a new boiler, however, this is because they do not have the necessary qualification to work on these particular units. Churchill Cooling Services DO have the necessary qualifications and experience to work on this type of heating system. We would only advise a new heating system if it is absolutely necessary as our philosophy is to try to keep things working if it is economically viable to do so. We will never try to persuade you to change the system unless you really do need to!

So, whatever type of building you have to heat, call in the expertise and knowledge of our team at Churchill Cooling Services on 0208 479 3580 to arrange a visit to your home or business address or fill out our quick quote box with your details and we will get in touch with you.